It's Better To Change The Reflective Clothes As Often As Possible.

- Dec 18, 2018 -

In addition to proper wear, the washing and storage of reflective clothes are equally important. Important point is that it is better to choose hand washing, not put into the washing machine and other clothing washing at the same time, and should be soaked in warm water, reflective belt should avoid its gravity scrubbing, not in the sun exposure, storage to avoid excessive folding of reflective belt, so as to extend the service life of reflective clothing.

Reflective clothing reflects light by reflective material

(Reflective material on which reflective clothing depends)

It should be noted that the reflective strips on the reflective clothes should not be rubbed with excessive force, otherwise the reflective glass beads will easily fall off until there is no reflective effect. When we wash reflective clothes, we can choose to wipe them gently with water and cloth, but not too hard.

(The top glass beads fall off easily because of washing)

When we find that the reflective effect of our reflective clothes is weakened or disappears, we must replace the new reflective clothes. Usually the recommended replacement time is less than half a year. In summer, because of the strong light and high temperature, it is suggested to replace the reflective clothes once every 1-3 months to ensure the best warning protection effect.

Of course, only by keeping the correct cleaning method, can the service life of the reflective clothes be enhanced, and the reflective protection effect of the clothes be maintained strong! When choosing the brand and manufacturer of reflective clothes, we should ask the manufacturer the details of washing times and matters needing attention, so as to ensure that our products have a higher cost performance ratio.

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