What Are The Advantages Of Making Reflective Materials For Reflective Clothing?

- Jan 23, 2019 -

In the field of modern transportation, no matter road warning signs, warning lines or reflective clothing, reflective materials are indispensable. Usually, reflective materials can be divided into reflective bands, reflective lattice bands, reflective coatings and so on. Different types of reflective materials are selected according to different use scenarios. About the characteristics of reflective materials, there are roughly the following:

What are the characteristics of reflective materials

(National Standard Quality Reflective Clothing)

1. Flexibility: Reflective materials can be used in different industries, different work clothes, a very wide range of applications, can be flexibly changed, suitable for different positions of work clothes.

The standard reflective material has good reflective protection effect.

(Composition of Reflective Materials)

2. Durability: Reflective material, with good aging resistance, wear resistance and washability. After repeated washing, the original reflective effect can still be maintained at more than 75%.

3. Diversity: The characteristics of reflective materials and various other products used are equipped with reflective cloth, reflective thermal bonding, reflective word sticking film, reflective tape, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective filament, reflective mapping film and other products and user-friendly products.

(Spherical reflection of reflective materials)

4. Wide angle: The reflective effect of materials on reflective clothing is not only superior to that of other similar products, but also has wide angle, that is, when the incident of reflective materials with a large angle of light and surface can still get a good reflective effect.

5. Reflections: Reflective materials, reflective brightness performance is very good, such as silver-gray reflective intensity typical reflective intensity 500 CPL white fluorescent yellow reflective plastic film typical planting 700 CPL at night or in low visibility environment to provide the most effective and reliable personal safety.

6. Extensive: Reflective materials are widely used in safety vest and belt, work clothes, jackets, raincoats, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, hats and other fields. They can also be used for cutting characters or silk-printed trademarks and appearance design.

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