What Functions Should High-speed Rescue Work Clothes Have: Rain Proof, Reflective And Wearable

- Feb 03, 2019 -

With the rapid development of social economy, the number of mileage of Expressway in our country is increasing day by day, and the traffic volume is also increasing day by day. At the same time, the number of emergency alarm calls for help from the crew is increasing. On the highway, various kinds of traffic accidents emerge in endlessly every day, and the demand for road rescue is increasing day by day.

Highway rescue work clothes and tooling should have reflective protection function, rainproof function and wearability function.

So, as a high-speed rescue staff, working in the front line of the accident scene every day, it is also natural that every day rubs shoulders with danger. Their safety is bound to become a major issue for us to consider, and the first thing to consider is their high-speed rescue uniforms. So, what functions do rescue workers'uniforms need to have?

First of all, it must have the function of reflective warning

If the rescue workers are not properly protected, they will probably cause their own "secondary injury" when they get on the bus at high speed. A high-quality reflective work clothes can be a good warning to past vehicles, especially at night and when the line of sight is not good, the bright reflective belt will make the wearer more "conspicuous", thus to a large extent avoiding the occurrence of secondary traffic accidents.

Second, Rain-proof Function

Highway rescue, rain and snow, all kinds of weather may be encountered, especially rain and snow weather, rescue workers are not very convenient to operate. At this time, it can be said that the convenience of their work can be greatly helped to attach a work suit which takes into account both rainproof and reflective protection.

Third, wear resistance and wear resistance

According to the different rescue scene, the difficulty of rescue work is also different. This requires high-speed rescue work clothes to have a certain wear resistance and tear resistance. For example, polyester Oxford fabric is a kind of fabric with better wear resistance and tear resistance.

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