High Visibility Reflective Softshell Jacket

This water-repellent, breathable, comfort stretch softshell jacket with high vis color, 2” silver reflective tape keep you stay safe and more visible in limited sight environments

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High Visibility Reflective softshell jacket

1) Stay safe and more visible in limited sight environments with this jacket featuring high-vis colors, 2" Silver reflective tape; Class 2 compliant

2) Water-repellent, breathable softshell jacket that is perfect for cold weather activities with a comfort rating

3) Breathability of softshell is perfect for being active since it allows perspiration to evaporate instead of getting trapped inside and making you colder

4) Comfort stretch, microfiber shell gives you more mobility than heavier jackets without sacrificing warmth and protection from the elements

5) Silver twill reflective lining plus micro-fleece inner shell helps create a radiate barrier that effectively uses body heat for added warmth


Softshell materials offer more stretch and less bulk, meaning you get a higher level of flexibility than in other jackets, like those lined with down or packed with synthetics. It is highly water-resistant, exceptionally durable and very breathable, all key features for a hard-working jacket. Softshell materials also make it possible to create a more form fitting jacket since the outershell adds to the total insulation of the garment without adding the bulk of more internal insulation.
Softshell clothing is great for aerobic activities where a highly breathable, water-resistant piece of clothing can keep the wearer warm, dry and active. The softshell material is breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate and keeps you dry, so sweat doesn’t affect your warmth. It is especially good for activities where your heart rate will be elevated like hiking or doing tough outdoor jobs in cooler weather.

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